Know B4 U Go

Big Bear Watersports School

Some important information and a few suggestions from Big Bear Watersports School

*Reservations are highly recommended. 

*You may print out our liability waiver and be a step ahead! 

Just print it out and fill out the highlighted areas.

*You will need to bring the completed waiver with you 

and turn it into our office upon arrival.

You MUST arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation start time. This will allow time for you to fill out any necessary paperwork, get life preservers fitted for your party, and apply any last minute sunscreen. If you arrive late, please note your rental will still need to be back at the scheduled end time. There will most often be other guests waiting to get out on the water. You will not be reimbursed if you are late. 

We allow 5-7 passengers on the boat at one time, depending on the size of individuals. We can trade off passengers easily if you have a larger group.

 No pets/animals allowed. 

If you have a larger group of 10+, please contact us at 909-229-0035.

A few friendly suggestions:

Gather your group and carpool to the lake. Big Bear Watersports School operates out of Pine Knot Marina. The marina often charges a parking fee as they have limited parking space. We suggest you park in The Village in the Free Public Parking lot, and take time to breathe in the fresh air on your short walk down to the marina. If you would like to park inside the marina, be prepared to pay a parking fee. If you have any questions about our location, the location of the marina or parking, please call our office at 909-229-0035

Leave valuables in your car! Better yet, at the hotel room. If you like it, leave it! Big Bear Watersports School is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property. 

Wear clothing you expect to get wet in. You will be out on a body of water! Even if you are just going along for the ride, you can still get wet. 

You may want to bring a towel and/or a change of clothes for the ride home. There are bathrooms inside of the marina for your convenience.

Sunscreen. Wear it. Sunscreen is very important up here at the higher elevation. Big Bear Watersports School has Sun Bum Sunscreen available for purchase. 

Drink plenty of water! We have  bottles of cold water on site but you may bring your own. We only allow water on our vessels. No food or snacks are allowed on our vessels. 

Staying Safe!

Big Bear watersports school makes every effort to ensure the safety of our guests and other boaters on Big Bear Lake.

While lake activities are fun, they can also be very dangerous and/or deadly.

Below are a set of rules our guests MUST follow. Failure to follow these rules may result in and early end to your rental, and/or a written infraction from the Big Bear Lake Patrol.

1. Alcohol and/or drug use will not be tolerated. We want you to be safe and have fun.

2. Smoking is not allowed near/aboard any of our vessels. Please ask an employee where you can find a designated smoking area.

3. Provided life preservers must be worn at all times.

4. We are not responsible for the loss or any damage to your personal items.

5. When aboard our vessels, please follow your captains directions.

6. Any additional rules my be verbally imposed during your time with us.

7. Big Bear Watersports School reserves the right to deny the rental to any customer that might be suspected of future violations of said rules.

8. Stay Safe and have some fun!